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Throat irritation 
Burning or painful swallowing 
Hoarseness, also associated with dry cough 
Dryness of the oropharynx caused by external agents or environmental factors (smoking or sudden changes in temperature and humidity). 
irritation and burning of the oropharyngeal mucosa; 
painful swallowing; 
hoarseness accompanied by a dry cough; 
dryness of the oropharynx caused by external irritants or environmental factors (sudden changes in humidity and temperature, passive smoking). 
Otosan Ear Cone Pack
Remedy for blocked ears, loss of sound, whistling and buzzing 
Traditional, natural and effective ear hygiene treatment 
Available in 2 or 6 cone boxes and extra large cone therapy packs 
Otosan Ear Cone Family Pack
6 cone box for all the family 
Natural Propolis enforces the natural defences of the ears 
Only one with 4 safety devices (Flame Breaking Ring, Protective Disc, Comfy Applicator and Stop-drop Device) 
Otosan Ear Drops
Daily ear hygiene 
Triple action, soothes, cleans and protects 
Contains organic oils, propolis and blackcurrant 
Otosan Ear Spray
Remedy for excessive ear wax, itching and blocked ear sensation 
Antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil 
100% organic plant extracts 
Otosan Nasal Spray
Remedy for seasonal colds and allergies 
Instant relief from inflamation, prevents relapse 
Free from vasoconstrictors - no addiction or build up of tolerance 
Otosan Baby Nasal Spray
Remedy for blocked nose 
Cleansing, softening action 
Safe for children from birth 


Nature is of vital importance to everyone, especially to our company. 
In fact, nature offers the ingredients that allow us to take care of you and create products for your well-being. For this reason, Otosan are fully committed to respecting it, so our passion for the environment has become the actual essence of our company. 
Malozza Distribution exclusively represent Otosan in the UK and Republic of Ireland and working in close partnership we share in Otosan’s core values and ideals of quality, service and professionalism. Our sales network covers both the UK and the Republic of Ireland with the Otosan range of products being sold through Natural Health Stores, Retail Chemists and Therapists. We are always looking for new partners so if you are a Wholesaler or Retailer interested in this great opportunity to enhance your product range and boost your profit margins please fill out the form with the required information and we will contact you shortly.